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Latest news 29 April 2021

Hackers run faster than 5G

Writen by acci

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With 5G, EDGE will generate data exponentially and command more processing power than existed worldwide just a few decades ago.

The need for performance is therefore an issue.

That said, large enterprises are constantly investing in the deployment of complex hybrid networks and multi-cloud environments to collect, store and process volumes of data that were unimaginable not so long ago. In this race, they must upgrade their applications to simplify the process. This means that with faster machines and more open access for users who find themselves increasingly at the edge, it is essential to have security solutions that will be able to support hyper-scalable and hyper-connected infrastructures without ever compromising the user experience or access to data.

In addition, today’s challenges require next-generation security solutions based on integration, convergence and adaptability in order to be able to act and react in real time.

Currently, Quebec companies rely heavily on automation, encouraged, with good reason, by our governments. The mistake not to make is to settle for little in terms of the security of their new ecosystem. On the contrary, they must consider as a priority, both technically and budgetary, the reorganization and the most sophisticated integration possible of the most efficient security solutions that exist. It is increasingly essential for everyone to secure their information assets, starting with advanced management of security copies in order to protect them against ransomware-type attacks or any other type. A segregation of IT, IOT (Internet of Things / IoT), OT (operational technology) and DevOps (union of people, processes and technologies) environments is also necessary.

It will be my pleasure to discuss this subject, or others, with you.

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