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Latest news 22 July 2020

The crystal ball to predict the state of health of a computer network exists!

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Contrary to popular belief, there is a proven solution for proactively managing a multi-vendor network, whether Wi-Fi, wired, or both, that allows support for mobile devices, all apps, and best of all, users.

AirWave from Aruba is the signatory of this technology which allows real-time monitoring of the performance and health of all devices that are connected to the monitored network. In this way, IT managers obtain the information necessary to maintain the workspace in an optimal state at all times.

In the end, you can worry less about network problems because you can instead detect issues in advance and predict what was once unpredictable, from network access to the data center.

The health of a network is necessarily the cornerstone of productivity. If you need advice on how to switch from repair mode to anticipation, do not hesitate to contact me. It is with pleasure that I will discuss with you, without any form of commitment, of course.

See you soon!

Bernard Risi, 2023. July

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