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Latest news 20 October 2022

A huge success of participation and appreciation for the most recent ACCI CIO council with Rick Vanover of VEEAM

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As mentioned in my previous post, the proliferation of ransomware attacks is not a passing phenomenon. It’s more like a pandemic that does not seem to want to end and that has exploded since the proliferation of teleworking.

For several years now, HPe and Veeam have been working together to develop and offer innovative, but above all, highly efficient solutions in terms of intelligent and secure storage.

This partnership has taken a new high with the integration of Veeam Availavity Suite V 11.1 with storage devices including StoreOnce, Apollo, Primera and Nimble. The result is a guarantee that the data will always be “available, recoverable and protected” regardless of the workload and the platform. Better yet, this combination ensures optimal data availability thanks to the “intelligent” movement of backups off-site, without forgetting the possibility of having copies in immutable and hardened mode with the 3,2,1 approach, and 1.0 (Air Gap and recovery verification).

It’s worth remembering that more than two-thirds of businesses currently have no proven strategy for storing or recovering their lost, stolen, or maliciously locked data. Their most precious asset is thus in danger.

This new approach from the Veeam HPe tandem is easy to implement and measurably improves speed and availability, especially as it includes artificial intelligence considered the most advanced in the industry for digital infrastructures.

If the worst should happen, this is probably your best certainty that you will be able to recover 100% of your data quickly.

I will be happy to tell you more about it. Just contact me.

Bernard Risi

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