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Even network management is moving into the age of artificial intelligence!

IT networks have become more complex in recent years, with the rapid and massive implementation of edge work and the need for greater cyber protection.

Even within networks, the SaaS concept has rapidly gained in popularity, changing the way networks are deployed, used and managed. We now speak of NaaS, or Network as a Service.

But to simplify the work of IT managers faced with this reality of increasing complexity, there are fortunately solutions, including automation thanks to AI, coupled with advanced security functions, perfectly integrated from the edge to the cloud.

What is important to remember is that the proliferation of the intelligent and autonomous edge, which offers advanced real-time analysis functions, promotes the democratization of geographic fractionation, which leads to an increase in the “transport” of data. The gravity effect of said data in this context of decentralization of IOT devices brings its share of challenges to minimize bandwidth congestion and to facilitate timely operational decisions.

It's time to forget about the classic solutions of recent decades, and build a stable, high-performance, secure network that will be easier than ever to manage.

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