A huge success of participation and appreciation for the most recent Acci CIO council

As mentioned in my previous post, the proliferation of ransomware attacks is not a passing phenomenon. It’s more like a pandemic that does not seem to want to end and that has exploded since the proliferation of teleworking.


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8 connected objects (IoT) traps to watch out for

If there is a delay between a person passing in front of a moving connected car and the system activating the automatic braking, all this wonderful technology will ultimately have been useless...


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50 million good reasons to adopt the circular economy

About 50 million tons of electronic waste are generated worldwide every year. As everyone knows, the components needed to produce electronic equipment have an impact on our environment and on human health...


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The Toronto Raptors also rely on artificial intelligence

Today, the combination of advances in video, sensor technology and artificial intelligence is disrupting how this more than 100-year-old sport is played...


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The 2019-2020 Quebec budget

Manufacturing companies in Quebec will be able to access subsidized programs to implement and integrate digital solutions that will make them more competitive...


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Is blockchain 2.0 the next revolution?

Put simply, blockchain is a tamper-resistant technology that allows you to exchange units of value with confidence. It is the basis of the system that allows bitcoin to be securely exchanged and ensures each transaction is recorded, authenticated and verifiable...


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Artificial intelligence is no longer science fiction

Traditional digital infrastructures don’t have the networks, the computing capacities and the scalable capabilities to take on deep learning...


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