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No room for half measures in security

The digital world is moving faster and faster. Applications are multiplying at an exponential rate and diversifying within your departments in search of autonomy. Methods of access to your infrastructure are undoubtedly becoming more complex because everyone wants things their own way. At the same time, the use of cloud solutions for data storage has become a serious trend. As a result, infrastructure and data security risks grow proportionally every day.

Protecting your assets is too important to go without a vision and overall strategy prepared by experts.

ACCI offers a diagnosis and solutions in line with your issues and budgets. More concretely, our proactive recommendations aim to secure the interactivity of users, applications and data, regardless of the place, infrastructure and equipment.

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The challenge of speed

Security should be “transparent,” which means that it should never slow down the flow of information or the processing capacity of digital infrastructure. Security solutions should be totally integrated and perfectly adapted to the equipment, applications and needs of users so they won’t stand in the way of creativity and innovation.

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The sophistication of piracy

Cloud technology, metadata and the proliferation of applications with vulnerabilities are just a few of the many opportunities for ingenious hackers to penetrate systems and scam businesses.

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Regulatory obligations

More and more insurers and boards of directors are imposing numerous requirements for managing cyber risks. For managers, it has become impossible to avoid this crucial issue that concerns the productivity of a business as much as the protection of its financial and information assets.

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