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Make each department a vector of growth

Data should be at your service, not the other way around! That said, your data is not necessarily information. You should be able to manipulate and share it, and above all, rely on it as an accurate picture of your current situation. This way, each of your departments will be able to benefit from your data in real time according to your business and growth objectives.

“Big Data” is no longer a mystery. There are tools and solutions that will allow you to master it and at the same time make you master of your own data. Knowing what the others don’t, you transform your information assets into fertile ground for innovation. You are strategic, rather than simply tactical, and this difference leads to measurable benefits.

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Tame the beast

Your data has been accumulating for a number of years, and you get the information you need from it for your daily operations. At the same time, you are essentially a spectator to the tons of data circulating around you. With the appropriate tools put to good use, you can benefit from both at the same time.

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A new take on searches

Forget your old search tools. Let ACCI show you the rich potential of contemporary custom applications that can intelligently explore any database, even public databases full of untapped potential.

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Solutions in the cloud

Several smart search platforms are available in the cloud. They all appear to be easy to use, accessible and compatible with a server, but sometimes appearances are deceiving. We will help you see clearly and make the best choices.

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