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Into the cloud with both feet on the ground

The rapid evolution of infrastructure, cloud technology and applications over the last few years has led many businesses to integrate, more or less successfully, hardware solutions that present a number of security risks.

At ACCI, we suggest you take a moment to make an inventory and come up with a diagnosis that will allow you to keep what’s necessary while considering new technologies that will modernize the entire computer infrastructure according to the workload. The result: a high-performing hybrid solution made up of proven solutions, a private cloud and a public cloud.

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An opportunity to modernize

Modernizing a data centre, regardless of its size, will certainly involve some expenses, but this strategy is also a source of measurable savings. Hybrid software helps optimize all the departments of a business and contributes to its overall security and operational continuity in any circumstance.

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Private, public or hybrid

The cloud has its jargon and its nuances. For informed opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of different versions or combinations to help you find your way, you can count on the objectivity and knowledge of our independent experts.

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The issue of security

The use of cloud technology, the information you collect from various sources, the proliferation of applications and owners, as well as their systemic interdependencies, are just some of reasons you need optimal security. But security is not just a question of equipment—it also depends on governance rules.

In this context, a hybrid cloud can be successfully integrated only with the help of the appropriate expertise, a totally integrated vision and good advice.

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