Partner rather than supplier...

Since 1983, ACCI is a 100% Quebec company, expert in large-scale IT infrastructure as well as solutions for the use and protection of information assets.

We are proud to help make businesses and institutions across Quebec more agile and innovative, more specifically in the unification of their human, strategic and technological resources.

Better yet, our services, at the base, ranging from design to delivery of datacenters may also include technical assistance and high-level executive support.

ACCI has a privileged status with manufacturers who are also leaders in their respective industries.

We have direct access to our partners that do not depend on any intermediaries that could slow exchanges or contaminate information. We always receive a quick response when we require one. If we need to contact senior members of our partner companies, we have the means to do so without any obstacles or delays.

As a result, our clients never suffer the consequences of a disagreement or a delay on the part of one of our suppliers, which is further assurance of satisfaction.

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